A Modern Embedded BI Platform: Yellowfin GM 2024 Update To Customers

A Modern Embedded BI Platform: Yellowfin GM 2024 Update to Customers

To our valued users and partners, Happy New Year from the Yellowfin team, and welcome to our 2023 recap! 

As we step into 2024, I want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and the remarkable journey Yellowfin has been embarking on and provide our followers with insight into how we have approached the ever-evolving market of business intelligence (BI) and embedded analytics.


A brief look back at 2023: Yellowfin’s biggest announcements

2023 wasn't just another year; it was a year of deliberate stabilization and strategic evolution based on a number of commitments

As Yellowfin entered our 20th anniversary year, we recognized the need to align with the changing landscape of design and user expectations. 

In response, we prioritized modernizing the Yellowfin product experience, infusing it with the latest UI/UX principles and ensuring ease of use for every user, regardless of technical expertise, with our Yellowfin 9.10 Update.

Furthermore, we recognized the increasingly impressive potential of embedded analytics, leveraging Yellowfin's deep customization capabilities to empower businesses across diverse sectors. From healthcare and finance to entertainment and agriculture, organizations have embraced Yellowfin as a foundation for delivering valuable insights to their own users. 

For example, Incuda, a partner for over 11 years, witnessed a 50% surge in self-service analytics by integrating Yellowfin directly into their product offering. 

Yellowfin also partnered with digital consultancy Incorvus to democratize its analytics capability with best-in-class self-service BI, and to launch a self-service analytics module with GEODIS that brings better real-time data visibility to logistics providers.

Continuing our mission in 2024

We recognize the importance of having a highly flexible, and modern platform for the embedded analytics market. Therefore, we will continue to invest in the modernization of the analytics experience and in making life easier for developers embedding Yellowfin into their software application.

Every Yellowfin customer has a unique use case - it's never a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. This approach extends to our flexible Yellowfin pricing models, which can be tailored to each organization's specific business requirements.

However, the most exciting features I’m ecstatic about is our work in the artificial intelligence (AI) space. As AI and ChatGPT have exploded in popularity over the past year, we’ve taken a measured approach to evaluate the innovations to identify where AI would provide value to our Yellowfin customers while thoughtfully integrating it to enhance user experience and unlock new possibilities.

Though Yellowfin has provided AI-powered features in its core product offerings for years, we're excited to build on this base by leaning into some of the more recent leaps in AI technology over the past year. Yellowfin's Assisted Insights (AI), which we launched in 2017, is a feature that we are continuously improving and stands to become even more useful as we infuse recent AI improvements into the core product.

Over the next few months, Yellowfin will be investing heavily into infusing AI where it is sensible to do so. A few examples of upcoming product features that will be leveraging AI include:

1. Ask Yellowfin: Introducing our AI-powered chatbot assistant, ready to provide real-time support and guidance as you navigate the Yellowfin platform. Ask Yellowfin anything, from basic navigation to complex analysis tasks, and receive immediate assistance, making your Yellowfin experience even more seamless.

2. AI-powered Natural Language Query (NLQ): - Yellowfin first introduced Guided NLQ in 2021 to help users analyze data in a more human-like manner (without needing to use code). This has been a popular feature among business users and customers looking to do ad-hoc analysis on the fly without building full-fledged reports. Taking our popular Guided NLQ to the next level, we'll be infusing it with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs). This evolution will enable even more intuitive data analysis through natural language, allowing you to ask questions and receive insights without writing a single line of code. Learn more about Guided NLQ here.

3. Developer Assistant: As our product mission is to continue supporting developers, we will be leveraging AI to enable developers to generate code fragments for common tasks within Yellowfin. This will drastically reduce the development time as starting code fragments can be requested from the developer assistant in real-time.

These are just a glimpse into the future of Yellowfin, where AI empowers users and developers, streamlining workflows, fostering deeper analysis, and unlocking endless possibilities. We firmly believe that, when implemented thoughtfully, AI can provide immense value without compromising security of our customers and the user data of our customers and provide even more value to all Yellowfin users in 2024 and beyond.

We always want to do more. I encourage any customer to contact me directly at john.burr@yellowfinbi.com or drop our team a line to give us feedback or learn how you can do more with Yellowfin.

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