Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

Yellowfin is used for both enterprise analytics and embedded analytics use cases and for building bespoke analytical applications. Use this guide to ensure Yellowfin is the right technical fit for your requirements.

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Data Stories & Presentations

  • Data Stories & Presentations

    Updated 15 June 2020

    How can I add context to my data, and present information in compelling ways for my business users?

    Yellowfin has multiple composite content types. A dashboard is the most obvious example, where you have one or more reports or objects such as text widgets incorporated into a page. Whilst the dashboard model of information communication is extremely useful for showing multiple metrics on a page it is not designed for sharing context – or the why – of spikes or troughs in your data.

    Another type is Yellowfin Stories, a long form narrative tool that lets you quickly write and embed live or snapshot content. This is ideal for providing management reports that need to be consumed by reading.

    And finally for doing verbal presentations you can use Yellowfin Present. This is like building a slide deck. Except that you do not have to copy and paste your data from Yellowfin into powerpoint.

    How can I combine data from other BI tools into a Yellowfin Story?

    If you use other BI tools such as powerBI, Qlik or Tableau you can embed live content from these platforms into a Yellowfin story. Simply add them in like you would video via their embed links.

    How can I create effective data driven presentations without cutting and pasting sensitive data into other tools?

    With Yellowfin present you can create data presentations that embed reports that were created within Yellowfin. These reports can be live or point-in-time snapshots. As such you do not have to copy and paste into other presentation tools.

    In addition you can use Yellowfin’s content security to ensure that your presentations (and Stories) are only accessible by people with the appropriate authority to read them.

    How is a story different to a dashboard?

    Yellowfin Story is a narrative writing tool – where text comes first and embedded reports, mostly snapshots, provide the supporting material for the narrative. In this way it is much more like Medium  than a typical BI tool. Its purpose is to provide an interpretation of the data for end users.

    Dashboards on the other hand are very data rich, tend to have live reports and less text. The text on a dashboard is generally used to explain HOW to interpret the data versus providing an interpretation of the data values itself.

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