Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

Yellowfin is used for both enterprise analytics and embedded analytics use cases and for building bespoke analytical applications. Use this guide to ensure Yellowfin is the right technical fit for your requirements.

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  • Introduction

    Updated 4 August 2020

    What is an OEM BI tool?

    An OEM business intelligence tool is one that allows you to remove all of its branding and either embed into your software as a custom analytics solution or deliver it as a standalone application to your clients.  Essentially with the branding removed you can sell an OEM analytics solution as your own.

    Can I white label analytics with Yellowfin?

    Yes, Yellowfin has a lot of functionality to enable you to integrate a completely white-labelled BI solution so that you can provide a seamless experience for your customers.  

    See white labelling for more details

    How can I deliver custom analytics as part of my application?

    By white labelling and integrating a business intelligence tool, you can provide your end-users with a complete end-to-end analytics experience.  To ensure the success of your project it is highly recommended that you provide out-of-the-box content so that your users get value from your solution immediately.