Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

Yellowfin is used for both enterprise analytics and embedded analytics use cases and for building bespoke analytical applications. Use this guide to ensure Yellowfin is the right technical fit for your requirements.

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Welcome to Yellowfin

  • Why was Yellowfin founded?

    Updated 24 December 2020

    Yellowfin was founded to address the cost and complexity of traditional BI tools. Sure, some aspects of analytics are highly complex – however, what business people want and need often is not.

    We believe analytics should be approached with a business first approach, instead of being a technical tool set built just for data specialists. As a result, Yellowfin have been first to market with many innovations in the Data and Analytics industry, with intuitive features that put the business user first such as Stories and Signals.

    Our products focus on providing simple and intuitive ways for business people, whether in strategic or operational roles, to consume and act on their data.

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  • What is Yellowfin’s Vision?

    Our vision is to empower our customers to transform their business with data. The power of data is to intimately know your business and to be able to react quickly to changes by re-aligning to markets as things change or bring new products and services to market quickly when opportunities arise.

    Basic operational reports and dashboards provide the bare minimum for organizations to extract value from their data. To truly transform a business with data you need to be able to:

    • Scrutinize granular, high-frequency data in an automated way – spotting changes as they happen.
    • Provide context to data – by augmenting your data with human context with data stories that explained what happened and why.
    • Operationalize data science models so that you can harness the power of predictive analytics at scale.
    • Streamline data driven workflows by embedded actions directly into dashboards and closing the loop on analytics.
    • Innovate with data by creating new data products and services.

  • What is Yellowfin?

    Yellowfin is an innovative suite of data and analytic products that enables our customers to extract transformational value from their data. Our customers do this by creating exceptional analytic experiences for their employees, customers or suppliers. Our suite allows you to:

    • Connect to and prepare all your data
    • Share data and discover insights – via self-service reports and dashboards
    • Monitor your business – via automated and threshold alerts
    • Provide business context – via data stories and presentations
    • Deliver closed loop analytics – by operationalising data science models and creating actionable workflows.

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  • What is theYellowfin difference?

    Yellowfin is unique in the market. No other data and analytics product has as broad or as deep a range of functionality. The three biggest differences are:

    • Augmented analytics – automated analysis that helps you discover changes in your data instantly and continuously monitor your business.
    • Data Storytelling – integrated management reporting in either long form narrative or presentation modes provide the context to your numbers.
    • Extensibility and Flexibility – the ability to create unique analytical experiences with dashboard canvases, or to use code mode to embed workflows and operationalize data science models.

    “Yellowfin’s single platform includes one of the broadest ranges of capabilities, spanning data preparation, reporting with scheduled distributions, visual exploration and augmented analytics.”

  • What can I do with Yellowfin?

    Yellowfin supports three main use cases:

    Enterprise Analytics

    • Migrate from spreadsheets to a modern analytics platform
    • Replace legacy BI applications
    • Embed analytics into your operational workflows

    Embedding Analytics into software applications

    • Replace outdated legacy or home grown reporting tools
    • Embed a modern self-service analytics suite
    • Deliver a exceptional customer experience

    Build Analytical Applications

    • Create unique data driven applications
    • Close the loop on analytics
    • Deliver insights as a service