Yellowfin Evaluation Guide

Yellowfin is used for both enterprise analytics and embedded analytics use cases and for building bespoke analytical applications. Use this guide to ensure Yellowfin is the right technical fit for your requirements.

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  • Yellowfin aims to provide as much flexibility to our customers as possible to allow them to extend Yellowfin in ways that have been unanticipated by us.  As such the platform is designed to be open and allow you to create your own components to meet your specific needs and create a custom analytics experience for your users.

  • Overview

    Updated 4 August 2020

    Yellowfin does a lot out of the box, but what elements can I extend and customise?

    Yellowfin supports extensions in several areas:

    • Analytical Functions
    • Third-Party Data source access
    • Data Converters / Custom Formatters
    • Data Transformation Steps
    • JavaScript Charts
    • Canvas Widgets

    Extensions can be implemented as Plugins that can be loaded dynamically via Yellowfin’s Plugin Manager.