How Embedded Analytics Creates A Data-Driven Culture

4 common challenges when building a data culture

A lack of understanding regarding the role of data in decision-making is a reoccurring challenge for many organizations. However, with the increase in quantity and complexity of data, you need to do everything possible to help your people use data effectively. 

This article will explore how you can use embedded analytics to drive a data-driven culture in your organization, with an overview of embedded analytics and how you can use it to navigate a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout the organization. 


Getting started with building a data culture

As your organization grows, the importance of data-driven decisions increases exponentially. Data can provide critical insights into your customer behavior trends, which can help you identify opportunities to increase sales and improve customer service levels. But you can only realize these benefits if your people are data literate.

That requires an effort to educate and build a data-driven culture.

To help drive a data-driven culture throughout your business functions, modern analytics solutions today are more closely integrated with business applications to make data analysis and using that information for decisions a much more visible part of workflows.

These solutions are called embedded analytics, also known as embedded BI. Vendors bundle a suite of advanced analytic capabilities in a white-label package to help users gather, analyze, and interpret data sources within the business application itself.

By integrating an embedded analytics platform directly into your software or your existing systems, your users can collect and analyze the data that already exists within your organization. As a result, everyone can quickly generate business insights about the organization's current situation and make informed decisions to improve performance.


What makes embedded analytics different?

The previous section established the importance and benefits of adopting modern embedded analytics solutions to help build a data-culture. Next, we will look at what makes embedded analytics different from other methods of collecting data. 

The following are some of the key benefits of using embedded analytics for building a data culture over other traditional analytics solutions or strategies:

Built for all: Embedded analytics is a non-invasive approach to begin collecting and making data more visible in your organization without requiring extensive training or preparation. Every user, whether non-technical or expert, can use dashboards, reporting and data visualization tools while they use your business application for their work.

Better information visibility: Embedded analytics allows every user to get instant feedback on what is happening within the business using minimal resources and time.

Instant analysis: Since embedded analytics gives you access to all the information collected by your company, there is no need for a separate analytics platform. You can perform the analyses on all relevant information immediately. It is a significant advantage for organizations with pertinent data about their customers, products, and operations.

More actionable insights: Embedded analytics provides real-time insight that everyone can use to drive immediate action and decisions within the organization. Being able to see and take more immediate action on information is helpful for businesses already working on projects that require a quick decision-making process, lessening guesswork.

There are many types of embedded analytics tools. However, most of them provide the same value—the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data to drive decision-making throughout your organization. 

The following sections will summarize how you can use embedded analytics to help drive a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout your organization.


How embedded analytics drives data cultures

A data-driven culture is not an easy feat to achieve. The concept requires that every business unit understand analytics' role in business strategy.

Using embedded analytics makes data-driven culture more easily possible. By gathering and analyzing data into a business application directly rather than the traditional model of using an external application for self-service analytics, embedded analytics provide actionable insights into the current situation of your business within everyday workflows.

And with easier access to actionable insights, it allows your users to make informed business decisions to improve performance throughout your data-driven company.

Perhaps one of the most important capabilities of embedded analytics is it is grants business leaders the ability to see and share how things are progressing in a more interactive and visually engaging way. Yellowfin's embedded analytics suite, for instance, includes data storytelling tools to allow decision-makers to showcase what work wells and what needs improvement.

Embedded analytics also provide a powerful method for driving innovation within an organization, helping everyone decide which projects should be pursued or dropped to get more value from existing resources and keep overall costs down.

Some embedded BI vendors, like Yellowfin, provide more advanced analytics features which can help accelerate user adoption of analytics even faster and easier, such as with our automated analytics tool, Signals, and self-service BI question builder, Guided NLQ.

Ultimately encouraging employees to use embedded analytics will drive better performance and drive actions throughout the entire organization.


Why Yellowfin's embedded analytics is a worthy investment

It's normal to feel uncertain about the benefits of analytics for your organization. With so many types of business intelligence tools offering varying analytics suites, it's challenging to know which one is right for your organization.

How Yellowfin better fulfills customer satisfaction is by offering a set of tailor-made self-service BI tools that not only make the process of building a data culture easier, but include several other business benefits:

Minimal Cost-to-Change and Effort

Yellowfin's embedded analytics solutions are incredibly affordable and require minimal investment. It's an embeddable, fully white-label BI solution that can be installed quickly and requires no changes to existing applications or infrastructure. The process makes it extremely simple for your organization and requires no downtime to your current operations or systems.

Modernization Capability

Yellowfin's embedded analytics solutions can support your organization's entire data lifecycle. It provides an open API that integrates your existing infrastructure, data warehouse, BI tools, and existing analytics applications seamlessly.

The flexibility makes it simple for you to maintain your environment while having complete control over the integration and implementation of new capabilities.

On-Going Project Support

Yellowfin's embedded analytics solutions provide ongoing support and guidance throughout implementation. 

In addition, Yellowfin offers professional services and a team of experts to help you with your business processes and provide ongoing advice.

Affordable Price

Yellowfin's embedded analytics solutions offer tremendous value for your organization. 

In addition, the price is competitive and perfect for both smaller data-driven businesses with the need for analytical capabilities on budget, or larger enterprises which want to unlock advanced augmented analytics and automated business monitoring.

Simplicity and Scalability

Yellowfin is constantly working on making its embedded analytics solutions more flexible and easy to use. It regularly tests new software versions that you can install on different platforms and operating systems to achieve this goal. 

In addition, all of its embedded analytics features are straightforward to use. Finally, the fully customizable user experience offers stunning custom dashboards to help your business teams make better decisions.

White-Labeling and Easy Integration

Yellowfin's embedded analytics have developed the ability to provide white-labeling and integration options that you can apply to your existing applications. 

The white-labeling option allows you to fully integrate their embedded analytics into your existing applications. Additionally, Yellowfin commits to providing a solution that will work specifically for any organization.


Are You Ready to Create a Data-Driven Organization?

If you have implemented embedded analytics into your organization, you have already taken the first step toward forming a data-driven company culture for your employee.

However, suppose you have not yet done so. In that case, it is now time to start the process by working with Yellowfin's embedded analytics. The benefits of this approach are enormous, and any organization can implement it with minimal cost and effort.