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Augmenting your Dashboards with Automated Insights

  • Automated insights are a significant part of modern business intelligence solutions. As a feature, it leverages machine learning (ML) and natural language generation (NLG) technologies to enable dashboard users to ask a question from the dataset they’re trying to find an answer for.

    Automated insights provide the capability for your dashboards to generate and display deeper answers a user might not be able to extract from manual exploration and analysis alone. When building dashboards, it is crucial to be familiarized with the benefits of in-built automation so you can enhance the metrics being shared and maximize the potential for extra nsight opportunities.

    Despite increasing streamlining of valuable analysis techniques, such as augmented analytics and automated business monitoring – particularly for the average business user – many BI platforms still lack these capabilities, so being able to leverage automated insights isn’t a guarantee. Hence, it is important to identify which platforms currently have automation in-built.

  • Automated Insights with Yellowfin BI

    Yellowfin BI has automation features integrated directly within its dashboards to accommodate the need for faster and automated data discovery and insight generation.

    In Yellowfin, automated insights are processed by Assisted Insights (AI), a data discovery feature that automatically monitors and analyzes your data to provide answers with only a streamlined setup needed – and no manual human input required thereafter.

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    When users are exploring dashboards and reports, they can use Yellowfin’s Insight Wizard function to configure the context of their questions with a number of parameters to tell Yellowfin exactly what data you want to automatically analyze. Having auto-generated comparisons and analysis of results readily available for all end-users is invaluable to their insight discovery.

    Yellowfin runs a series of algorithms on the specified data to find the most statistically relevant results, and presents them in easy-to-understand visualizations and narratives with detailed explanations of each insight that deliver helpful summary and further context. You can then choose the charts and reports you want to either build upon or define further with additional exploration. Ensure you know the exact metrics and dimensions you want explained or compared from your data before processing auto-analysis to return the most accurate results.

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    If you require a deeper explanation into business performance or what has caused certain results, using automated insights – in addition to regular self-service analysis – is recommended to help users learn what has happened and why from their dashboards faster than with just the traditional BI process. If you find monitoring and exploring results are not producing insights or take lots of time, evaluate your strategy to leverage available automation in your dashboards.